Our Purpose

To Glorify the Lord

We believe that our highest purpose is to bring glory and praise to God. We believe that the ultimate goal of all history is for God to display His glorious perfections, in His work of creation and in His work of redemption.

To Proclaim the Gospel

We believe God’s purpose in history centers around the saving work of Christ and the building of His church. We are part of that work as we proclaim the Gospel of Grace to lost sinners so that they may be saved.

To Live According to the Truth of the Gospel

God’s purpose in Christ is not just to save souls from hell, but to create for himself a renewed people who glorify him in lives of love and obedience to his word. This is living,”according to the gospel” (cf. Galatians 2:14). As a church, we seek to equip believers, encourage one another and teach those who have professed faith in Christ to “observe all that he has commanded.”