Our Distinctives

God-centered, Christ-exalting worship. Simply stated, we believe worship is all about God, not man. We try to sing songs (both old and new) that focus on His glory, His person and His work in our lives. We believe it should be our greatest joy, as Christians, to magnify the greatness of our Lord and ascribe to Him the honor due His name.

Commitment to the Bible. We believe the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. We also hold that Scripture is sufficient to teach us the way of salvation and how we are to worship and serve our Lord.

Expository preaching. Our commitment to the Scriptures means that expository preaching is a central feature of our worship service. We give first place to the Word of God and seek to explain and apply the text of Scripture for the building up of God’s people and the salvation of sinners.

Doctrines of Grace. We believe the teaching of Scripture concerning God’s grace in salvation is summarized by those Reformation teachings that are often called the “Doctrines of Grace.” Salvation is all of God’s grace, not man’s efforts, and all the glory belongs to God.